If you are serious about disputing your immigration status to the US, UK or other first world countries, then take the time to develop your immigration plan. The time you spend doing research will not be lost. You need to know exactly what to do and how to do it.

Your first step is to clearly define your immigration goals.

Defining your immigration goals is a key point in which your overall immigration plan will grow.

Let’s look at some examples of immigration goals.

  • My goal is to have an F-1 student visa grouped into my graduate program.
  • I need to get a cheap exam program like ALE for my F-1 Visa.
  • My “fiance” needs a sponsor for my K-1 Visa.
  • My spouse can apply for my immigrant visa and my K-3 visa at the same time.
  • The file that my company needs is an L-1 Visa application for me.
  • Visa E-1 / E-2 agreement for seniors.
  • I need to find a religious Visa sponsor for me.
  • I can’t join my culture/music group and my Q-Visa.
  • Am I not involved in the J-visa student exchange program?
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Here are some easy-to-use examples of your immigration plans.

Once you have chosen your easy destination, you can begin to check the visa requirements, procedure steps, forms and fees and documents needed for immigration to your selected immigration destination. Remember that you cannot have an immigration purpose. Don’t try to sail two ships. You’re mistaken. With the aim of single and simple immigration, you can develop a clear and concise immigration plan. You need to specify more time, depending on your immigration status, current situation. But avoid multiple targets. Only a person with dualistic immigration goals. They are lost, in the long run. They cannot plan their immigration steps.

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We’ve seen many immigrants with a single immigration goal usually reach their immigration goals. Especially for immigrants, who intend to apply for asylum after entering their asylum application, and this gives them more time to lose their asylum immigration plan without having to rely on their asylum interview as a second chance.

Because the second chances of asylum seekers have to wait a long time to apply for asylum. They will first apply for their visa renewal and when visa renewal is rejected they will apply for asylum immigration.

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A vicious person dumps the database on immigration authorities. Therefore, their asylum application may be rejected by immigration officials. As a result of the interview, immigration officials resolved his decision to reject the asylum application with side effects through a visa extension application. Second, it is time to dismiss your visa extension application, which is already abroad.

Start your next immigration step without wasting time OR leaving the situation.

Therefore, do not produce results when you have a GOOD, IMPORTANT goal for your success.

The title will be our next article: “Immigration Plans for Asylum Seekers.” These are young students who have successfully implemented immigration plans. I have an immigration blog where you can get information and visas on immigration.

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