If you want to start a new life in a great country, Canada can be on your list! One of the safest countries in the world and with a lot of work, Canada is an opportunity in the world of immigration.

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Canada has announced plans to approve more than one million new immigrants over the next three years.

This is the best way to immigrate to Canada in 2020!

1] Express Entry

Express Entry is a permanent resident system that will help skilled workers move to Canada as part of an immigration program. The candidate system is top based on age, education, work experience and language skills, and then select the best candidates to come to Canada. Adoption express also allows employees to be brought in and their family members!

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This has a specific application for the shortest residency program processing time in Canada, and 80% of targeted applications within 4 months or less.

2] Country Candidate Programme

Each province and territory of Canada (except Quebec) has its own immigration program called “regional program name” or PCP. RSPS allows a place to meet the needs of its economy, giving them the status of a sustainable economy. PNPs often seek work experience for foreign workers in high demand areas. For example, the Saskatchewan region recently changed the work of PNP to have more programmers.

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In Canada, there are nearly 80 PNPs, each with its own criteria. If you only get one, it could be your ticket to Canada!

3] International students

Canada is the world’s international student. Indeed, the city has many schools, the cost of education is a reasonable and positive attitude. More! Canada also allows international students to apply for a graduate degree. As a result, many newcomers decided to start a study of immigration to Canada, and then apply for the status of permanent residents!

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4] Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (ACIP))

Two thousand Seventy a pilot program called “immigration to the Atlantic” (AIP) was launched to help attract more workers to Atlantic Canada. This program allows employers to hire the entire Atlantic region of international workers outside Canada. If a foreign worker accepts a job offer, participating employers will receive support as part of their immigration and organizational process in Canada.

To obtain certification, you must first accept a job offer from the employer of the program. The selected list of the employer can be found here.


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