Immigrate to Australia and sign the SkillSelect program for Australian Skilled Worker Visas


SkillSelect is a program initiated by the Australian government. It provides an effective way to manage skilled workers in various Australian states or territories. From July 1, 2014, SkillSelect is the only possible way to nominate candidates to nominate eligible regions or states for immigration. This procedure makes the nomination process more effective and easy. As of May 2015, out of the 20,000 nominated potential immigrants, Australian state and territorial governments have issued visas to more than 10,000 applicants.

Australia’s skilled worker visa
Australia’s skilled worker visa is issued to foreign applicants. You can work and live in Australia. Those who apply for these visas will be assessed through a score-based test that includes age, work experience, English skills and educational qualifications. They need to obtain the minimum points to obtain a specific skilled worker visa. Whether sponsored or nominated through employers or family members, it is important for a person to obtain a successful visa. The visa evaluation agency must present the complete required documents.

The Australian skilled worker visa depends to a large extent on the qualifications and types of skills required by the Australian territorial or state government. Applicants must submit a letter of intent (EOI) for this visa category. It is important to include the applicantís occupation in Australiaís consolidated list of sponsored occupations. After submitting the letter of intent (EOI), you need to be invited by each state or territory government to submit a visa application.

Advantage of SkillSelect
The main advantage of SkillSelect is that you do not need to wait any longer to complete the visa process. When a region or state nominates candidates, their visa application will be given higher priority. Immigrating to Australia through this visa includes certain obligations, such as living or residing in the territory or state of the nominated applicant. You can immigrate to Australia in a more successful way by adding multiple professional visas to a single EOI. You do not need to submit any documents to support your claim during the EOI stage. EOI submitted as part of the SkillSelect program will remain submitted for up to two years. Therefore, it must be remembered that the total score must meet the approval conditions for a particular visa.

After you meet the requirements of your visa, you can apply for an Australian PR. A permanent residence permit helps to process your nationality in Australia. Therefore, the Australian skilled worker visa is the best and most successful visa that can help you realize your dream of settling in Australia.