Immigrate To Canada – What Is the Quickest Way?


The only way to speed up the processing time of Canadian immigrant visa applications is to have a job on hand. This job must come from a Canadian employer, which will reduce the processing time for permanent residence applications.

If you get a visa, your entry into Canada will be greatly accelerated. After getting a job offer from a potential employer, you will have the following three options.

1. Work permit

The work permit is only for temporary work. In some cases, your work permit can be extended from within Canada. This is the fastest method, also, you can come to Canada within a few weeks of applying. However, to get a job offer, Canadian employers must prove that they have worked hard to recruit Canadian residents to work, but have not succeeded in order to be eligible to provide you with a job opportunity for this position.

2. Arrange employment

It is provided on the basis of a permanent job offer without a specified period, and you must not travel before obtaining a Canadian permanent resident visa. In this case, the employer does not have to prove that the Canadian resident did not find a job offer. All Canadian visa bureaus for permanent residence applications in Canada will give priority to processing (the processing time is usually (less than 1 year). You can also get 15 points in the Canadian immigration federal skilled worker category.

3. Provincial nomination

Provincial nomination is similar to the first two options. Most Canadian provinces offer nomination programs to facilitate Canadian permanent resident visas. In most cases, it is a permanent job opportunity with an indefinite period provided by employers in a particular province.

After obtaining a provincial nomination certificate, usually, a work permit is obtained immediately before obtaining a Canadian permanent resident visa to travel to Canada and start working.

Your application for permanent residence in Canada will be processed with priority, and you will usually receive your visa in less than a year. Even if your occupation is not considered “highly qualified”, you are still eligible for a provincial nomination. In this case, the potential employer must prove again that it has tried to hire Canadian residents to perform the work provided but failed.